Just Be Free Coaching

This is the question on everyone’s mind.

Life coaching is nothing spooky or scary — A life coach helps you discover your strengths and guide you to understand your challenges in order to make positive changes in your life.  A Christian life coach takes this a step further, and utilizes Biblical principles to facilitate in navigating your life’s journey and purpose.   Gary R. Collins defines coaching as “the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where they want to be.”   He further defines Christian Coaching as “the art and practice of enabling individuals and groups to move from where they are to where God wants them to be.”

Christian Coaches help people:

  • Discern what God is doing in the world
  • Discern what God is doing in their lives
  • By coming alongside individuals and groups
  • Find their calling as a part of God’s divine agenda

How do Christian Coaches help people see where God is moving them?

  • By asking thought- provoking and powerful questions
  • Assist in becoming sensitive to the forces shaping the times we live in
  • Enables people to be aware of what God appears to be doing in their communities, churches, workplace, and individual lives
  • Recognize the gifts and opportunities God has given them
  • Clarify their calling
  • Discover their visions
  • Take steps to reach the goals God appear to have put into their lives

Gary Collins  The Foundations of Christian Coaching


 At Just Be Free Coaching, this is the vision and purpose of how we handle life coaching.  This company was birthed with you in mind.  God has given you this day, this moment, this time.  He’s given you visions, your dreams, your calling, your gifts.  He has given you goals to achieve, progress to move forward and momentum to do it.  You are the reason God breathed my vision of Just Be Free Coaching.  You are the butterfly to be set free to be a new creation in Christ Jesus, you are the inspiration, the passion to be uncovered.