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Spencer Brown (3)

It has been a delightful blessing to work with Annie. She is someone I know I can trust and who is 100% for me! I have had so many powerful realizations through our coaching times - insights that have helped me in my businesses, relationships and in my personal life. So thankful for her powerful questions, support, and encouragement!

Marvae Eikanas

Christian Life Coaching is a great way to solve a life problem. I chose to use personal coaching to tackle a problem I was having with insomnia. Through weekly sessions and daily follow-up with my coach, I was able to develop a plan for getting to bed at a consistent time every night. My coach kept me on track working to change personal habits over a period of six weeks. I learned a lot about myself during these coaching sessions. Plus my coach gave me insights into how to meet my goals. It was a wonderful experience and I would try coaching again.

Judy Soo

When I met Coach Annie, I was at a particularly difficult point in my life.  I was stressed out, depressed and exhausted.  She really helped me pinpoint my tendencies to place pressure on myself unnecessarily and guided me through a process to decide which tasks needed to be done right away and which ones could wait.  She allowed me to explore my personality traits and harness the good while decreasing the negative aspects of my character.  I still use the techniques I learned from our sessions years later!  I highly recommend her services.

Elise Cummings

I started working with Anna a few months ago. There were a few areas in which I wanted to grow as a pastor, husband, and father. Anna is awesome! She asks thought-provoking questions, she listens extremely well, and most of all she keeps everything centered on Christ. It’s been a great experience and a time of immense personal growth.

Pastor Spencer Brown